We hope you and those dear to you are staying well as we find ourselves living in this challenging environment. COVID-19 has seemingly affected everyone’s daily life in at least one way or another. Our commitment to your well-being and our staff’s remains our top priority. 

On April 1, 2020, the Governor of Florida announced a Stay at Home Order that went into effect on April 3 and will last 30 days. We have been anticipating and preparing for this. 

Our commitment to providing the highest quality of service to you will not waiver as our staff works from home. They are ready to take your calls, respond to your emails, and fulfill your requests. All you have to do is contact them as you normally would. In addition, communication channels between us and our partners throughout the world and at the Cruise Lines are open and continue to strengthen as we adapt to the ever-changing environment. 

We do ask for your patience as wait times might be a little longer and other services are delayed due to the stay at home order.  

Our shared hope in Christ reminds us that in uncertain times, he is in control and will use this for your and our good and his glory. If you have further questions, please call 888-878-8187 or email us at 

Dear Guests, Tour Hosts, and Travel Partners:

As the seriousness of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to intensify, I wanted to personally let you know how we at Traveling Pilgrim are responding and adapting to the situation. Over the years, our commitment to providing an excellent travel experience that keeps the safety, security, and well-being of our guests as our first priority has not wavered and will not waver during the current situation.

As of March 22, 2020, we are suspending all international tours and all cruises through April 30, 2020 in line with President Trump’s announcement to restrict those coming from Europe and the US State Department’s Global Level 3 Health Advisory to reconsider travel.

As we receive guidance from the US government, we will evaluate each tour on a case-by-case basis for those tours departing after the US government’s 30 day suspension. In addition, we will follow the guidance provided by the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the various other governmental organizations both domestic and international of those locations we tour.

Like you, it is my hope that this situation will pass quickly without any further disruptions to your travel plans. However, I know you most likely have further questions. Below you’ll find our policies concerning interruptions caused by the coronavirus.

Lastly, please join me in praying for the following:

  • The Lord’s intervention in this outbreak

  • The healing of those infected with the coronavirus

  • Wisdom, guidance, and protection for healthcare workers and government officials

  • Provision and protection for our partners overseas whose families and livelihood are being negatively affected by canceled tours, quarantines, and infections.

Best Regards,
James Ridgway
Chief Executive Officer
Traveling Pilgrim

What happens if my itinerary is affected?
If it becomes apparent that a scheduled tour cannot continue as planned, our staff will contact each tour host and guest by phone and/or email to present the available options.

Holy Land Tours
Due to Israel’s strict quarantine policy, the US government’s suspension of travel coming from Europe, and the US State Department’s Global Level 3 Health Advisory, all tours departing April 12, 2020 or earlier to the Holy Land are in the process of being postponed to a new date with the tour host. Guests are being contacted, as well, to discover whether they want to postpone travel or cancel.

Oberammergau Passion Play Tours
We are continuing our preparation for all tours departing to see the Oberammergau Passion Play. According to the Passion Play’s website (as of 3/12/20), the premiere is still planned for May 16, 2020. Currently, all restrictions should expire before any of our tours depart. We are continually monitoring the Passion Play's website as they release updates, and will update our guests accordingly.

All cancellation fees are frozen as of 03/11/20. There is no need to cancel at this time as fees will not increase. Please see your tour's brochure for details.

Domestic Tours
Domestic tours are being operated as planned or postponed at the tour host’s request.

Is postponing an option?

  • For tours traveling to the Holy Land that depart on April 12, 2020 or earlier, Traveling Pilgrim will cancel your ticket before departure thus retaining its value for future travel in line with the airline's strict policies.

    As part of postponement, you will be placed on stand-by pending the establishment of new travel dates. Amounts paid will be transferred to the new dates including the travel protection plan premium unless a claim is filed. If you are traveling with a group, your tour host will assuredly want to establish a new date in the near future.

  • For all other international and domestic tours or cruises, any fees imposed by the airlines, hotels, and/or any other vendor will be incurred by the guest.

  • We are urgently working with all vendors to minimize or eliminate all vendor imposed fees.

If I cancel, will I receive a refund?

  • For tours traveling to the Holy Land that depart on March 27, 2020 or before, Traveling Pilgrim will cancel your ticket. Cancellation fees will include any loss of ticket value as imposed by the airline plus any vendor fees that we incur. Traveling Pilgrim will not impose its own cancellation fees.

  • Applicable to all programs: All cancellation fees are frozen as of 03/11/20. There is no need to cancel at this time as fees will not increase. Please see your tour's brochure for details.

  • Applicable to ocean-going cruises: Departures through July 31, 2020 are able to re-book for future travel without fee if 50% of the cost has been paid.

Will my travel protection plan cover my cancellation?
Unfortunately, all major travel insurance providers have thus far deemed the coronavirus to be a foreseeable event. Therefore, any claims would be under the cancel for any reason clause. Basically our policies mimic this protection.

We will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation. Please watch for future updates and advisories. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Guest Services at (888) 878-8187 or